Yoruka Kirihime- Strongest Drag-Knight serving under the emperor of old Arcadia empire. She is also known as the "Empire Assassin Dagger" of Arcadia Empire. She was equipped with Divine Drag-Ride "God of The Night Sword".


She has long black hair. She has heterochromia; her left eye is purple and her right eye is blue.


She preserve her loyalty to the Arcadia Family.


She is the assassin of the royal blood of Arcadia empire.

She was imprisoned after the the fallen of Arcadia empire.

She was freed by Hayes.


Secret Arts Edit

  • Quick Draw (神速制御〈クイックドロウ〉): 
  • Recoil Burst (強制超過〈リコイルバースト〉):
  • End Action (永久連環〈エンド・アクション〉):
  • Carving Strike (刻撃):


Yato no KamiEdit

Armaments (武装) Edit

Special Armaments (特殊武装) Edit

Special Characteristics (特性) Edit

Divine Raiment (神装) Edit

  • Spell Code (禁呪符号〈スペルコード〉):


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