Drag-Rides or Machine Dragons, are ancient weapons in the shape of the legendary dragons. They are mechanical armors which increase the wearer's fighting potential. They can be summoned to the wearer by the use of Sword Devices.

Ten years before the start of the series, Drag-Rides were discovered throughout the Seven Ruins. Before its defeat five years ago, only men were allowed to pilot one in the Acadia Empire. Around the time of its fall, it was discovered that women have a higher average than men in compatibility with a Drag-Ride.

General PurposeEdit

There are three common types of Drag-Rides that can be found in the Ruins.


Machine Dragons that are capable of flight and high-speed aerial combat.

Known users include: Lux Arcadia, Shalice Baltshift


Machine Dragons that are specialized for close combat battles on the ground. They are highly maneuverable.

Known users include: Tillfur Lilmit


Machine Dragons that are deigned for the use of special equipment. Because the type of equipment varies, they are highly customizable.

Known users include: Noct Leaflet

EX Edit

Strengthened versions of the common General Purpose Drag-Rides.

EX Wyvern Edit

Known users include: Velvet Barth.

EX Wyrm Edit

Known users include: Alterize McClair.


Divine Drag-Rides are Machine Dragons with highly specialized equipment and a fighting potential capable of matching hundreds of the General Purpose Drag-Rides. Because there is only one of each Divine Drag-Ride, they are highly coveted as symbols of a country's overall power.


User: Lux Arcadia


User: Lisesharte Atismata


User: Krulcifer Einfolk


User: Philuffy Aingram

Aži DahäkaEdit

User: Barzeride Kreutzer


User: Celistia Ralgris


Drag-Rides that don't belong to any of the other two categories.

Chimeric WyvernEdit

An original Drag-Ride created by Lisesharte combining a Wyvern and a Wyrm. Uses two Sword Devices to control it.

User: Lizsharte Atismata